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The lowdown on WannaCry by a security expert

The lowdown on WannaCry by a security expert 

Show Notes

Hear more about:

•    Are we are going to see another wave of this type of ransomware?

•    What can a user do if his or her data is held ransom? Should they pay the ransom?

•    If someone decides not to pay the ransom and their data is not backed up, are they going to lose that data with no possible means of getting it back?

•    Is there anything that governments or law enforcement authorities can do to help protect their citizens in this type of cyberattack?

•    What should we do to ensure that our systems remain safe?

•    If government agencies find vulnerabilities, should they keep it to themselves?

•    What can we expect next, are we going to see a rise in ransomware attacks?

•    Do we have the capabilities and tools to deal with a major cyberattack?

See Eric’s latest article:  

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