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The Kindle Oasis – the thinnest and lightest addition to the Kindle family

The Kindle Oasis – the thinnest and lightest addition to the Kindle family 

Amazon’s objective over the years is to make e-readers smaller, lighter and faster so that the user is immerse in the story rather than the device.  Amazon moved one step closer to the fulfillment of this purpose with its latest Kindle.


“To lean back and read for hours, you need a sanctuary from distraction,” said Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO. “We want Kindle to disappear, and Kindle Oasis is the next big step in that mission. It’s the most advanced Kindle we’ve ever built—thin and ultra-lightweight, it gets out of the way so you can lose yourself in the author’s world.”


The Kindle Oasis differs greatly from the previous versions in look, feel and battery life. Weighing just 131 grams, which is 20 per cent lighter than any other Kindle, the Oasis feels like a light book. To attain this featherweight feel the device is built with a polymer frame that is plated with metal by structural electroplating. This design not only makes the Kindle Oasis exceptionally light but adds strength and durability as well.


The Oasis is designed to be heavier on one side making one-handed reading easier and at the same time mimics the feel of a book spine in your hand. If you would like to switch hands, the built-in accelerometer detects which hand the device is in and automatically rotates the page to match.

Another incredible feature is the prolong battery life. This device comes with a new dual-battery system with a cover that function as a charger as well.  So, as soon as you connect the cover to the Oasis, the battery in the cover starts to recharge the device automatically providing a back-up recharging source for those occasions when you are away from an electrical outlet.

The cover is included with the purchase of the Kindle Oasis and is made from high quality leather. The cover has the same feel of a book and also function to wake and put the device to sleep.


The Kindle Oasis comes with 300 ppi Paperwhite display for crisp, laser like quality text. Thanks to a redesigned feature of this device the display now has 60 per cent more LEDs providing the brightest Kindle display ever.

This new version comes with all the features that Amazon has made popular over the last eight years for its Kindle line, like paper like reading experience, weeks of battery life, Whispersync, back up to cloud and access to the Kindle store.

With this new addition the Kindle family includes the Kindle ($79.99), Kindle Paperwhite ($139.99), Kindle Voyage (299.99), and now the Kindle Oasis for $399.99.

The Kindle Oasis is available for pre-order and will start shipping in the coming weeks. If you are interested in getting your palm on this latest e-reader you can order now at  

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