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The Internet of Everything brings new opportunities at CES 2014

The Internet of Everything brings new opportunities at CES 2014 

“This show is pretty important to us. We try to stay ahead of the cutting edge of what our customers are going to be looking for,” said Tobin. “For the last 10 years, all of the technologies have started to converge so heavily. Where it used to be just IT versus CE, now the lines [between the two] are so grey.”

Tobin foresees that mobile will continue to explode. He noted that there are offerings from a number of manufacturers in the mobility sphere, particularly when it comes to tablets.

“The development of the tablet is front and centre,” he said. “They’re very business-user-friendly now. There are great products coming out by Lenovo, HP, Acer, and Toshiba. We’re also seeing bigger smartphones.”

But another trend is making itself obvious, Tobin said, based on the products being demonstrated on the show floor: the Internet of Everything is swiftly becoming a reality.

He pointed to the proliferation of digital health and wearable devices, such as  innovations from Liquid Image, a company that manufactures wearable cameras that can be used in things like ski goggles and scuba diving masks. Tobin predicted that the rise of the Internet of Everything will bring opportunities to D&H Canada in the future.

“These things all use the Internet,” he pointed out. “And the Internet is that connectivity that is becoming so prominent in all of our lives, and the ability to capture that information. The part that is exciting for me is that it feeds the ecosystem of bandwidth and data storage, because D&H is right in the middle of all of that.

“So [D&H Canada] has people out there looking at trends. We’re trying to bring our products to market way in advance of our competitors so that our customers can have that ability to generate increased margins before it all becomes monetized.”

Tobin conceded that these innovations come with security issues, but he’s confident that manufacturers and resellers will be able to tackle those issues. Moreover, he’s bring about his company’s future.

“D&H has been growing very, very fast this year,” said Tobin, “ and we see more great opportunities in the coming year.”

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