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The hybrid cloud is the future: HP

The hybrid cloud is the future: HP 

The offerings will cater specifically to businesses using a hybrid cloud, which HP believes will be the business delivery model in the future.

“There has been significant debate in the market: is it going to be a public cloud or private cloud market?” said Kerry Bailey, SVP, Sales, HP Cloud. “The debate is over: it’s a hybrid cloud market.”

Yet according to Gillai, the main challenges faced by businesses looking to adopt cloud technologies are centred on security, management complexity, and interoperability. HP’s new offerings are meant to address those challenges.

The next-generation HP CloudSystem with Cloud OS includes a redesigned, easily navigable interface, simplified management tools, and OpenStack. It can be deployed in a matter of hours rather than weeks, and it is compatible with other public cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Windows Azure, Arsys, and SFR.

HP also introduced HP Hybrid Cloud Management Platform, a self-service marketplace portal that integrates HP Cloud Service Automation 4.0 and supports HP Cloud OS and OpenStack, providing for easier management of IT environments.

The company is also expanding its Virtual Private Cloud portfolio, which is based on OpenStack technology and providers users with a self-service window to choose among configurations, storage options, and network connectivity types.

“This lets customers run a legacy app in a cloud environment on a pay-as-you go model,” said Gillai.

To complete these new offerings, HP introduced HP Flexible Capacity, a solution that allows business owners to pay for extra data centre capacity only as it is needed. It is built on a pay-as-you-go model, and supports legacy equipment to help customers migrate to the cloud.

“The heartbeat of IT is not able to keep up with the heartbeat of business,” said Scott Weller, VP and GM, Support, Technology Services, HP, adding that HP Flexible Capacity is intended to address this particular issue.

“It’s important to remember the HP promise to customers: choice and open. Enterprises require specific things, so when we talk about cloud enterprises, we talk about having the cloud your way,” said Gillai. “There is no one-size-fits-all in cloud. The reality is, there’s going to be multiple journeys, for every enterprise. We’re building the cloud enterprises can rely on.”

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