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The future of TV, mobile, self-driving cars and the iPhone

The future of TV, mobile, self-driving cars and the iPhone 

Mobile, machine-learning and self-driving cars

For the past 16 years, management services firm Deloitte Canada has released its Technology, Media and Telecommunications predictions that Deloitte believes will impact various industries and people’s daily lives.

Duncan Stewart, director of TMT research for Deloitte Canada, presented his company’s take on several emerging technologies and trends during a recent conference in Toronto. In an interview with WRLWND Radio, Duncan elaborates on three key tech trends; 5G mobile technology, machine-learning, and automatic emergency brake systems.

Listen, as Duncan explains what impact these three will have in our daily lives and why it’s important for businesses to keep a close watch on them.

The iPhone, a look at the past and future

This week, 10 years ago, Steve Jobs announced to the world, the iPhone. It’s hard to believe that it has been a decade since the iPhone was introduced. The iPhone has changed the way we live, dramatically over the last 10 year. 

A quote that really inspired Steve Jobs to be the driving force behind the iPhone, is by Alan Kay, an American computer scientist, who said, “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

And that, is what Steve Jobs did. He worked really hard to bring us perfection. An example of this was just before the first iPhone was announced, there were two prototypes of the Acorn operating system that were being considered. One was like the iPod interface that was controlled with a click wheel, the other was an icon interface. 

It would have made sense to go with the click wheel-based UI at that time due to the success of the iPod, but Steve Jobs decided he wanted the iPhone to have an entirely touchscreen-based interface and threatened to kick everyone else off the iPhone project if they disagreed.

What would the iPhone look like in 2027?

  • It seems like the shape will remain the same, its been like that for the past decade
  • It looks like the home button will still be there. 
  • There will be increase in performance as technology advances 
  • 3D photos, a possibility
  • We can see thinner and more flexible OLED screens, maybe a foldable iPhone
  • Uncrackable screens
  • Wireless charging with solar panels

The future of TV

Lindsay Takashima, Vice President of Sales and Marketing from Hisense Canada joined WRLWND Radio to talk about what we can expect to see in the near future regarding TV sets, what Hisense Canada plans to unfold during the year and a laser type projector with a great life span and a better picture quality.

Thanks to our guests, Duncan Stewart from Deloitte Canada and Lindsay Takashima from Hisense Canada. 


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