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The future of the hybrid cloud

The future of the hybrid cloud 

Following the successful launch of infrastructure technology in December, HP has stepped up the game with an upgraded software-defined storage portfolio. The hyper-converged solution is allowing businesses to move beyond server virtualization through hybrid cloud orchestration.

The HP ConvergedSystem 250-HC StoreVirtual (CS 250) combines server and storage capabilities into a single datacenter. Equipped with the HP Helion CloudSystem 9.0, the device offers on-premise storage as well as public cloud bursting features.

Motivated by the positive response to their previous solutions, HP is leveraging their partnership with VMware and Intel to deliver higher performance to their customers. The CS 250 is built on HP’s generation nine servers and features the addition of StoreVirtual, a built-in disaster protection tool.

“Customers come to expect that it’s going to be enterprise ready, very stable and very protected,” said  Rob Strechay, Director, Product Marketing and Management, Software-Defined Storage, HP. “That’s a lot of what we bring to the table as HP.”

Thanks to StoreVirtual, the product is also offered as a software-only version, allowing businesses to replicate their data and install it onto another server for the same price.

The portfolio is designed to serve the needs of both SMEs and large enterprises. Because the CS 250 operates on only two rack units, businesses will be able to save energy on their power cooling racks. The units measure just around a quarter of a foot, with power enough to eliminate the need for a huge datacenter.

The portfolio represents a team effort from HP’s partners and suppliers, Intel and VMware. Intel has provided the memory, processors and solid state discs inside the product, while VMware will run daily management via the HP OneView for VMware vCenter plug-in. Enhanced VMware integration also means that the CS 250 will support hybrid-cloud architectures and bring new delivery and channel services.

“Because we work very closely with our partners like VMware and Intel, we’re able to get a very performant version that gives better density, so you get more on the box, more virtual machines,” Strechay explains.

The IDC has measured a 116 per cent year-over-year increase in hyper converged system sales, with a 60 per cent growth rate slated for 2019. With trends like these, there will no doubt be rising competition in the market.

“We’ve been doing software defined storage for 8 years now, and I think [the portfolio] is leveraging that history,” says Strechay. “A lot of new entrants into the market really don’t have the background that we do. [For HP], it’s not just the storage division, it’s not just the server division, it’s all of those divisions coming together to make a true converged system.”

The 4-node CS 250-HC StoreVirtual will hit the shelves August 17th, while its 3-node counterpart will be available September 28th

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