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The 450 MHz Alliance welcomes Altair

The 450 MHz Alliance welcomes Altair 

“We are pleased to welcome Altair Semiconductor to the Alliance,” said Igor Virker, MD, Alliance, in a press release. “As an LTE 450MHz band pioneer, Altair brings product experience and portfolio that can help the Alliance in driving ecosystem adoption for this high quality spectrum.”

The Alliance will leverage Altair’s economics of scale with its baseband and radio chipsets global shipping in the 450 MHz LTE market. Altair Semiconductor debuted as an LTE chipset vendor offering a 450MHz-compliant product in November 2012.

“Altair is excited to be joining the unique community of market leaders, dedicated to creating a global LTE ecosystem for this important band,” shared Eran Eshed, co-founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development at Altair, in a press release. “We view 450MHz as a great market opportunity, and look forward to supporting the Alliance in providing low-cost chipset solutions and driving the formation of a robust device and module ecosystem.”

The 450MHz band is very welcoming because of its propagation features and low-CAPEX spectrum band for broadband and M2M apps. LTE offers an alternative to CDMA450 technology and is operated in this band.

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