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Testing, testing

Testing, testing 

Cloud infrastructure and mobility experts at VMware have announced the release of Horizon Air Desktops. Equipped with the Pearson TestNav 7.5 Online Test Delivery System, the desktops will give K-12 schools the option of delivering tests online through a public cloud. 

The virtual desktop is offered exclusively for Google Chromebooks. With the familiarity of the Windows desktop, VMware is enabling IT to capitalize on the cloud’s agility and accessibility.

The very nature of the cloud grants students and educators increased mobility and flexibility, but it’s a double-edged sword. The uploading of tests and scores to the cloud may spark concerns over confidentiality and security. To combat this risk, VMware Horizon 6 offers private cloud deployment of virtual desktops. Beyond the convenience aspect, schools will have greater control at a lesser cost.

“VMware works closely with schools all around the world to bring cost-effective virtual desktops to help close achievement gaps for students and simplify management for IT,” said David Grant, vice president of product marketing, Desktop Products and End User Computing for VMware. 

The advancement of the mobile cloud era is shaping business across all industries. With secure online testing, there are big changes on the Horizon. 

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