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Test Bed: Norton Security

Test Bed: Norton Security 

The issue only comes to mind when you receive a notification from your security program that you need to renew it, or that it’s encountered a threat. But how do you know whether your computer is completely protected? Norton’s latest consumer offering, Norton Security, aims to protect your computer and other devices from threats. This review answers the question of whether it meets that goal.

Product Details

Norton Security is a cloud-based offering geared towards consumers. Instead of loading software on a disk or CD, you access a secure online portal and enter a product key. Next, you download a file and run it. After the file has loaded, Norton Security gives you the option of taking a brief tour, which shows you all of the included features.

The security solution gives you the ability to run scans, provides live updates, shows you a history of all actions Norton Security has taken against threats, and gives users a complete view of every protection feature the product has. In addition, there are a number of features to protect your identity against theft. Identity Safe stores user names and passwords in a cloud vault. It fills them in for authorized pages. Moreover, it blocks unsafe sites in your search results. Also, it has a password generator to create strong passwords.

Norton Security monitors your device performance as well. You can optimize your disk, clean up files and manage which applications run at start up.

There is an option for 25GB of backup, which is the version reviewed here. Your files are backed up on a secure cloud. Additional backup is available at $10 for 10GB annually.

The User Experience

Logging into the portal and creating a user account were both very simple to do. The user interface is clean and visually appealing.

It only took a few minutes to configure the settings – most of the work was already done for me. All I needed to do was to enable a navigation bar in my browser of choice (Chrome). The navigation bar is relatively unobtrusive. It doesn’t take up too much screen real estate, and there aren’t too many icons to distract the eye. There’s also a built-in option to share the page you’re on through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! It’s a convenient feature in our social, share-crazy culture.

The automatic storage of my password and user name for one of the sites I visit frequently happened so quickly, I barely even noticed it. Norton Security asked me to generate a particularly strong password for its vault. I did, but of course, afterwards, I couldn’t remember it. Norton Security won’t send you a reminder of what the password is, so make sure it’s something strong, and easy to remember.

I also made use of the backup function. Be aware that backing up can take up to a full day – don’t expect it to take a few minutes. Although it will take a while, the peace of mind you’ll have because your files are safe is worth it.

The Verdict

Norton’s products have a strong reputation, and for good reason. I found Norton Security easy to install and fairly simple to configure, which will make it appealing for technophobes and digital novices. One of the best parts about this product is that it runs in the background, so I don’t feel as though it’s intruding on my computer usage. I would recommend this product.

Norton Security retails for $79.99 annually. Norton Security with Backup is $89.99 annually, with the option to purchase increments of 10GB storage for $10 per year.

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