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Telus opens environmentally friendly data centre in Kamloops

Telus opens environmentally friendly data centre in Kamloops 

The $75 million data centre is the eighth of its kind in Canada, and will serve as the base for the expansion of the company’s cloud computing services.

It is also part of a larger, $3 billion infrastructure and facilities upgrade the company will be conducting over the course of the coming year.

“The Kamloops Internet Data Centre will be the cornerstone of our national next-generation cloud computing services, handling complex data storage and offering unsurpassed connectivity, superior functionality, state-of-the-art security and industry-leading reliability to our clients,” said Lloyd Switzer, SVP, Network Transformation, Telus, in a statement. “The centre’s modular design and ability to expand to meet the growing demands of our clients is rooted in our passion for putting customers first in all we do, and positions TELUS to lead the industry in sustainable data centres.”

The Kamloops data centre is one of the most environmentally sustainable data centres in the world, says Telus, and was built according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

It features an advanced cooling system, designed to take advantage of Kamloops’ low humidity, that consumes 80 per cent less electricity 86 per cent less water than most other data centres.

Additionally, the cooling system will require only 40 hours of cooling energy per year, which will result in an annual reduction of almost 2,300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Kamloops is the perfect location for this world-class centre due to its geography, climate, proximity to our networks and clean power, and the presence of a highly skilled workforce. The completion of one of the most environmentally sustainable data centres in the world is something all of us, especially the local community, should be very proud of,” continued Switzer.

The data centre has received Tier III reliability certification from the Uptime Institute for Design and Construction, making Telus the only Canadian company with two Design and Construction Tier III certifications in this particular category.

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