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Telus launches leadership training program for businesses

Telus launches leadership training program for businesses 

“We underwent a cultural transformation, where we saw our employee engagement shift from 53 per cent to 83 per cent,” said Dan Pontefract, Chief Envisioner, TELUS. “We realized there are a fair number of SMBs and enterprises coming to us and saying, ‘What are you doing? And can you help us?’”

With the attention its methods were attracting, Telus soon realized that others could benefit from what it was practicing. So it launched last week the Telus Transformation Office (TTO), after running a pilot program with Loblaw Companies, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, and Cameco.

The goal of the TTO is to train businesses in five key areas: leadership and culture, digital readiness and connected learning, career and talent services, onboarding and induction, and flexible work styles.

Through the TTO, Telus goes into a client’s business and assesses where the client could most use help. It then provides the client with a playbook containing over 100 pages of analysis, as well as a roadmap toward a more prosperous business.

Training is completed through half-day workshops or more intensive consulting sessions, depending on the client’s needs.

Although Telus has branched out to help others, the company acknowledges that it still has work of its own to do.

“By 2018, we have set a target of getting to 90 per cent engagegment with our people,” said Pontefract. “We’re a publicly traded organization that’s putting our reputation on the line – but we have the courage to innovate and help others. We’re not done, and we’re going to cotinue to innovate. Customers can benefit from what we’re practicing.”

Assessments are currently available for $25,000 each. The training services it offers can be purchased on a case-by-case basis, and tailored according to the client’s specific needs.

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