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Telax: How to thrive in the new customer contact environment

Telax: How to thrive in the new customer contact environment 

Companies today no longer hold sole control on how customers communicate with them. In fact, businesses that chose not to communicate with the customers often find out the hard way that social media has armed consumers with a very effective and far-reaching communication platform for their grievances.

How do organizations successfully navigate this new customer service and customer contact environment? What tools do businesses employ to ensure that they are able to reach out to their customers – and here what their customers have to say as well? Is there a special combination of mechanisms that companies need to employ to cover all the bases?

WrlWnd Radio recently had the opportunity to speak with Larry Brown, product and customer service expert, and designer for Telax, an innovative cloud contact centre software provider. Telax partners directly with communications service providers to enable businesses to get top-quality contact centre software and expertise.

Brown provides very timely and useful advice for contact centre/contact service executives and managers to help them address the new business reality. He provides key insights on customer service communications trends and offers suggestions for updating customer service best practices.

Have a listen to what he had to say….

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