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Telax Cloud demos EarthLink retail agent

Telax Cloud demos EarthLink retail agent 

The software company’s hosted contact centre solution EarthLink, is a flexible, scalable and measurable solution that enables retailers to provide “storefront customer service” to customers interacting with the retailer’s contact centre agents, according to Telax.

“…The customer call is just as important as a walk-in customer,” said Larry Brown, product manager at Telax.

“Consumers routinely call their local retail store for assistance or to purchase something, which can take the store associate’s focus away from the customer in front of them, “ he said. “The new Retail Agent solution ensures that the calling consumer gets taken care of, along with the live customer. “

EarthLink launched a dial-up internet service in 1994. It became one of the first mainstream Internet providers, along with AOL and CompuServe.  Today, the company has 671,000 consumer subscribers.

EarthLink has shifted to an enterprise-oriented model. It provides network services to small- and medium-sized businesses.

In November last year, telephone company Windstream, acquired EarthLink in a US$673 million merger.

Telax works closely with EarthLink’s voice and unified communications group to gather client requirements and develop custom contact centre solutions, according to a blog post by Daniel O’Callaghan, solution guide at Telax.

“Besides having the privilege of teaming up with EarthLink to develop the Retail Agent solution, we wanted to gain valuable first-hand insight from the retail community who attended the show,” said Allister Quinteros, director of business development and partnerships at Telax.

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