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Technology that delivers

Technology that delivers 

It’s the latest version of Mobile Dispatch, an Android-based app that facilitates deliveries and pickups. With Automated Driver Location tracking, users are kept up to speed with all of their remote dispatches.

Previously, companies relied on satellite-based communications. Robocom President Fred Radcliffe believes that this new way of business will revolutionize the transport experience.

“Mobile Dispatch is commonly used as a bolt-on module to Robocom’s Centerline TMS, designed for LTL and TL trucking companies,” he explains.  “However, the first major customer to launch Mobile Dispatch with Android devices is a non-asset-based shipper, using Mobile Dispatch connected to Android devices used by two contract carrier’s drivers.  The in-house Dispatchers route loads to the carriers’ drivers, track the delivery of those loads to the company’s operations, then dynamically route drivers to pick up loads from suppliers on their return trip to the Distribution Center.  The result is a significant savings in transportation costs.”

Drivers can now use a single device to open and close orders, scan barcodes, take pictures for OS&D claims, send messages to Dispatch and capture signatures, among other functions.

For now, Mobile Dispatch runs on Android phones, tablets and PCs. According to the company’s Vice-President, Bryan Wright, the next step will be to make the app compatible with all iOS devices. 

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