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Techno-alliance formed between RSD and Active Navigation

Techno-alliance formed between RSD and Active Navigation 

RSD, an Information Governance solutions provider, believes its policy management is a pragmatic way to secure compliance and that this partnership will draw the two enterprises closer to each other.

The company says its RSD GLASS product, along with the analytical power of Active Navigation, will strengthen enterprises’ integration capabilities.

“An Information Governance strategy and platform have become a must-have for today’s global companies,” Pierre Van Beneden, CEO, RSD, said in a press release. “We built RSD GLASS from the ground up with these needs in mind and Active Navigation’s pragmatic and innovative approach was an obvious complement to provide a winning governance capability to our customers.”

Active Navigation, a content discovery and transformation solutions provider, uses EDRM specification for integration to identify relevant information, de-duplicates and cleanses documents before classifying them for governance with RSD GLASS.

RSD reduces the storage space required to maintain legacy content so that RSD GLASS can focus on managing higher-value content.

In addition, RSD GLASS lets companies create corporate policies to be enforced across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries, IT systems, cloud-based apps and paper archives.

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