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TechGov Forum: Are you ready to become an agent of digital transformation?

TechGov Forum: Are you ready to become an agent of digital transformation? 

As a government executive, are you prepared to take on the challenge of leading your organization’s digital transformation?

Canadian organizations need to rethink their talent strategies in order to make the most of emerging technologies, according to Nadir Hirji, Partner, Strategy and PwC Digital services lead at PwC Canada.

“Organizations that invest in the right skills and foster a strong digital culture will emerge as winners in the digital era. Training their workforces and attracting skilled talent, translates into better employee experiences and improve talent retention,” according to Hirji. “Digital and technology is not a future agenda item, rather, leaders need to create a digital culture now if they want to stay ahead of the competition. It begins by setting a vision for the transformation that is meaningful and holistic.”

Hirji is among the lineup of private and public sector experts in various fields who will be speaking at the upcoming TechGov Forum slated for November 7 and 8 at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre.

Digital engagement and innovation is the theme of the event.

Hirji focuses on driving enterprise value in organizations through reinventing the experience of customers and employees. His job entails helping organizations transfer their processes and customer interactions onto digital platforms.

A recent PwC report highlights eight essential technologies that Canadian organizations should consider as part of their technology mix: Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, 3D printing, augmented reality (AR), drones, blockchain and virtual reality.

How will these innovations impact your organization and the way it deals with its clients and mandate?

You’ll find the answer at the TechGov Forum.

Other key speakers at the event include:

  • Tammy Labelle, assistant deputy minister, Integrated Services Branch
  • Jennifer Urbanski, account executive, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • Alex Miller, president, Esri Canada
  • Bobby Singh, CISO and global head of infrastructure, TMX
  • Ramy Sedra, data and analytics consulting leader, PwC Canada
  • Imran Ahmad, partner, Miller Thomson LLP
  • Alison Taylor, consultant, Performance Solutions Inc.
  • Michael Gord, founder and CEO MLG Blockchain Consulting
  • George Ross, editor-in-chief, Canadian Government Executive
  • Philippe Johnston, chief information officer, and department security officer,
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Departmental Security Officer (DSO), Social Sciences Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) & the Natural Sciences Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
  • John Burrett, president, Haiku Analytics Inc.
  • Robert Weisman, engineer in residence, part-time professor and candidate PhD (e-Business) University of Ottawa
  • Thomas Kearney, senior project officer, Open Government Secretariat, chief information officer branch, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Patrick Cormier, vice-president (business development) Notarius Inc.

To find out more about the event, the program agenda, and to register, click on this link

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