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Tech at your fingertips and brain signals to aid driving

Tech at your fingertips and brain signals to aid driving 

Show Notes:

According to report published in the journal Science, a research team has created a glass from a low-weight polymer that is able to re-bind cracks when pushed together by hand. This can also work at room temperature.

Nail wearable

In collaboration with inventor Sean Miles and beauty brand Nails Inc., the Mobile Nail is a new wearable that contains embedded technology that allows it to operate as a mobile “handset”. The idea is that users can talk to their friends by simply raising their finger to their face.


Nissan announced some new automobile technology that goes beyond autonomous driving to make the car more responsive to the human hosts, and make driving more enjoyable. The new technology has been dubbed Brain-to-Vehicle, or B2V, technology and is said to enable vehicles to interpret signals from the driver’s brain, “redefining how people interact with their cars”. It’s interesting to hear of Nissan’s new B2V technology research as most other vehicle companies stride forward to remove the human from the driving equation.

Tech Bytes:

Spotify just announced that it has 70 million subscribers compared to Apple Music’s 30 million. Last July, Spotify had more than 60 million paid listeners and over 140 million active users.

The App Store just blew through another record, Together, iPhone and iPad users spent $300 million in the App Store on the first day of 2018 alone.

The company claims it set a new holiday record. “During the week starting on Christmas Eve, a record number of customers made purchases or downloaded apps from the App Store, spending over $890 million in that seven-day period,” Apple said in a statement.

Garmin announced Thursday an Intel-based infotainment platform for automotive manufacturers to embed in their products. For customers, Garmin’s infotainment offering will bring Amazon Alexa, wireless rear-seat navigation, and other conveniences while driving or riding.

Garmin is trying to take a shot at BlackBerry QNX, who has a large footprint in the infotainment space thanks to its partnerships with all the largest automotive industry chip suppliers. BlackBerry’s software is in about 60 percent of the vehicles on the road.

Trying to utilize its GPS expertise, Garmin’s partnership with Amazon brings Alexa integration into Garmin’s infotainment offering to enable drivers to control on-board navigation, media player software, and utilize Alexa skills –without the need for a smartphone.

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