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Tax season just got more affordable

Tax season just got more affordable 

Intuit Inc. is the maker of TurboTax, Canada’s best-selling tax preparation software. They recently announced a new offering called TurboTax Free, an online and mobile tax preparation product that has no income caps and covers most tax situations. It’s also able to import tax information from the Canada Revenue Agency with Auto-Fill My Return. 

With a fresh, intuitive design along with simple instructions TurboTax Free provides ease of use for taxpayers entering their personal information for their returns on a computer, smartphone or tablet. This new free product delivers anytime, anywhere access with the ability to seamlessly start, stop and continue tax returns across devices.

TurboTax Free also comes equipped with an error free feature that guarantees 100 per cent accuracy on all its returns. This feature also checks for errors and even guides users to fix them. It will also notify you of missing information and provide you with a confirmation at the end of the process so you can be sure that you filled the forms out correctly.

For help during the preparation stage customers can use the AnswerXChange for instant access to answers, tips and an experienced community of TurboTax professionals to address any questions that needs a personalized answer.

“TurboTax Free is all about putting effortless, worry-free tax preparation into the hands of millions of hard-working Canadians. In fact, we’ve been delivering innovative free products for more than a decade. And this year, we have created our best free software yet, available to more people and more tax situations than ever,” said Todd Stanley, General Manager of TurboTax Canada. “We know you work hard for your money. We’re here to help you get and keep more of it.”

TurboTax Free is now available online at while the mobile app is coming soon to the Apple Store and Google Play. Supported operating systems including Android 4.4 and above as well as iOS 8 and above (which includes iPhone 4s and iPad 2). 

TurboTax Free covers all NetFile certified tax situations except AgriStability and Quebec federal and provincial returns. If you are looking for other tax software that’s more tailored to your personal situation and includes step-by-step guidance and support you can still choose the premium options which includes TurboTax Standard, TurboTax Home and Business and TurboTax Premier.

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