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TaskRabbit and GBGroup join forces for enhanced user protection

TaskRabbit and GBGroup join forces for enhanced user protection 

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace for outsourcing daily skilled errands. Users can invite “taskers” into their homes to complete an array of tasks. The invitations require that the applicant is verified by TaskRabbit, to ensure full safety of the company’s clients.

“As the sharing economy continues to revolutionize business throughout the UK and globally, it’s of paramount importance for businesses such as TaskRabbit to ensure the full safety of its users,” explained Uma Subramanian, director of UK operations at TaskRabbit, in a press release. “We chose to use GBGroup’s identity verification software due to its sophistication and ease of use. Through use of the software we can confidently ensure that our Clients know who they are inviting into their homes.”

GBG integrates this concept of identity verification with TaskRabbit’s technology to build trust with its customers and create a safe and worry-free experience. After its launch in Britain, TaskRabbit will hold in-person training sessions with each tasker applicant.

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