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Tapping into the cloud with VMware

Tapping into the cloud with VMware 

The latest information from IBM Cloud covers:

Consolidating Complex Environments

Consolidating legacy infrastructures into a single data centre uses fewer components. This results in:

  • Improved infrastructure efficiencies.
  • Centralized management
  •  Lower capital and operational costs

Backup and Disaster Recovery

NetApp AltaVault is an enterprise-class cloud-integrated appliance. In the IBM cloud, NetApp AltaVault backups data and boosts recovery times, cuts costs and reduces risk. Users will benefit from:

  • Security & compliance: data is encrypted at all times.
  • Seamless integration with other backup software and the IBM Cloud object storage services.
  • Accelerated cloud adoption
  • Increased efficiency due to reduced data volumes and built-in WAN optimization.

Secure CloudWorkloads:

IBM Cloud uses bare metal servers equipped with Intel TXT. This allows for hardware-assisted security technologies that will lay a secure foundation for your platform. Securing CloudWorkloads means:

  • Building chains of trust from hardware through to the hypervisor.
  • Ensuring that hardware and pre-launch software are secure.  
  • Providing location-based controls to enforce regulatory compliance.

To find out more about VMware on the IBM cloud, click here

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