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Tangerine introduces biometric security measures

Tangerine introduces biometric security measures 

“We have a long history of delivering simple and innovative solutions for our clients and we’re proud to be the first Canadian bank to introduce biometric technology,” says Peter Aceto, president and CEO of Tangerine, in a press release. “We recognize that Canadians want more control over their banking experience, and our goal is to provide them with the ability to bank where they want, how they want and when they want.”

Users can interact with Tangerine’s Mobile Banking app through an interface. Voice banking functionality will be through mobile devices running iOS 6 and above.

Tangerine says it has been working with Nuance Communications and prides itself as the first bank in Canada to offer a voice-controlled mobile app for its customers to use their voice and fingerprint, complementing the traditional password.

The technology with which customers can use their voice as password when logging into the Mobile Banking app will be introduced later this year, says Tangerine. Nuance Communications has provided the technology with which users can repeat a specific phrase to access their account in addition to providing a password.

Touch ID uses fingerprint recognition technology as an extra layer of security when logging into the bank’s app. Clients with iOS 8 devices and above can use it as an additional authentication factor.

Moreover, Orange Snapshot, available through Apple’s Passbook, allows clients to view their account balance without having to log into the app. New clients can sign up for an account through the bank’s website. A new express enrollment app allows prospective clients to use a valid driver’s license or Canadian passport to sign up.

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