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Talon introduces RemoteFAST v3.0 for Windows Server

Talon introduces RemoteFAST v3.0 for Windows Server 

Designed exclusively for use with Windows Server, version 3.0 of RemoteFAST provides users with enhanced security, scalability and reliability. The new version represents a 40 per cent performance increase over previous editions of RemoteFAST.

“The latest RemoteFAST 3.0 for Windows Server release is ground breaking for organizations looking to extend data centre and cloud storage to the distributed enterprise without sacrificing performance or data integrity and at cost that is unbeatable,” Talon CEO Shirish Phatak said in a press release. “At Talon, we are poised to achieve our mission of ensuring that distributed enterprise file sharing and collaboration on premises and in the cloud are more efficient, more productive, and most importantly, delivered without compromise.”

RemoteFAST 3.0 includes several new features optimized for data centres and hybrid cloud systems. They consist of SMB v3 support, direct connections with back-end DAS, SAN and iSCSI-based storage, and easier management solutions. Additionally, p can now install SAN volumes to scale on-site and cloud-based infrastructure without the need for file server management from the back end.

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