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Talent is just a touch away

Talent is just a touch away 

Talent acquisition is a very human process, which makes it difficult to mechanize. For this reason, recruiters and hiring managers should not have to rely on IT to produce reports and data. Rather, they require integrated self-service software that moulds to their needs and pace.

Such a solution serves both sides of the relationship. According to an IBM Smarter Workforce study, over half of job seekers have used mobile devices in past or current job searches and, of those, almost 60 per cent said that mobile recruiting makes an organization more attractive.

For this reason, IBM has developed the Kenexa BrassRing, a Cloud-based solution that guides organizations through the requisition process. Using mobile and social technologies, BrassRing detects and engages quality candidates.

Job seekers can personalize their user experience by creating profiles in an interactive candidate environment. They can browse jobs, fill out questionnaires and submit applications entirely from their devices.

The solution will guide organizations and individuals throughout the entire process, from the job posting to the interview.

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