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Taking it to the VMAX

Taking it to the VMAX 

At EMC World in Las Vegas, EMC announced modifications to its VMAX3 data services platform designed to provide users with enhanced automation and consolidation properties. The company also announced the launch of FAST.X, which enables enterprises to broaden their storage horizons by extending its data services to various platforms. This, in turn, will assist with the automation of storage tiering within the data centre.

“VMAX3 is a truly transformational solution that can change the way that businesses build their data centres,” said Guy Churchward, president of EMC’s Core Technologies Division.

“Separating software data services from the underlying hardware allows organizations to take advantage of fundamentally different ways of delivering enterprise storage architectures,” Churchward added. “As the industry’s first enterprise data service platform, VMAX3 delivers new levels of automation and consolidation while redefining what is possible within, and beyond the data center.”

Along with the announcement of the changes to VMAX3 and the creation of FAST.X, EMC also introduced several other new products designed to work in tandem with VMAX3. They include a new version of the ViPR Controller, which enables the automation of different storage formats, and automated storage tiering capabilities for both XtremIO and the cloud.

Most interestingly, EMC indicated that the new ViPR Controller will be a completely open-sourced product.

“We are making the ViPR Controller fully open-sourced and available for free,” said C.J. Desai, president of EMC’s Emerging Technologies Division.

“The idea here is when we went to our customers and said that the ViPR Controller is a single pane of glass that allows you to automate and provision your storage, they said it was a great idea,” continued Desai. “Then we said that they could also manage third-party products from our competitors, and they asked us what EMC’s secret was here, as they didn’t want to be locked in.”

EMC’s decision to market the ViPR Controller as an open-soured product was the direct result of discussions on how to make it more accessible to their customers, and their desire to give them a say in the development process.

“By making this open-sourced, we are taking that objection away,” Desai explained. “We want the community to contribute here, we want customers to contribute, and we want to make sure that it’s freely available so they can take advantage of it.”

Known internally as Project CoprHD prior to the launch, the open-sourced ViPR Controller will be available for download through GitHub in June.

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