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Taking a shot with TquilaONE

Taking a shot with TquilaONE 

Powered by the Salesforce1 platform, the company’s new TequilaONE framework is designed to expedite the app building process for Salesforce’s B2B and B2C customers. TequilaONE allows users to create, edit and view stored data from Salesforce while offline.

“Since the launch of Salesforce1 at Dreamforce last year, our team of mobile experts has been working towards building a framework that takes the capabilities of Salesforce1 adding additional functionality such as full offline access and a totally customizable user experience,” said Tquila CEO Mark Wakelin. “In one recent project, I was astounded at what our team achieved for one of our clients in just one day, a highly customized mobile application integrated to Salesforce and immediately available for use offline.”

Launched in 2010, Tquila’s primary area of focus is Salesforce-powered cloud solutions. The company provides its customers various tools and services designed to assist with the app development process, including strategies, implementation, integration and support.


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