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Taking a Bite out of the Smart Glasses Market?

Taking a Bite out of the Smart Glasses Market? 

What sets this device apart from other smart glasses world apart is its design. Unlike the unsightly, futuristic (and let’s face it, quite goofy looking Google Glass), Apple has “set its sights” on a much more fashionable approach.

According to the news source Quartz, a source who’s knowledgeable on the project says that the Apple glasses will look quite similar to glasses made by New York-based hipster eyewear-maker Warby Parker.

The question now is will this attempt to create a popular wearable be as much of a flop as Google’s Glass?

With no plans for any application of augmented reality in sight, devices such as these glasses could end up being not much more than a novelty. That being said, Apple has expressed a lot of interest recently in AR, in an attempt to rescue its slow slide out of the limelight of tech stardom.

It is easy to see however that Apple clearly has an interest in this market. It’s also apparent that they are seeking to steer clear of the Google Glass image for this product. Instead, by styling its smart glasses to look like Ray Ban’s classic Wayfarer, Apple aims to appeal an already loyal following of their other stylish devices.

Only time will tell how long it takes for this product to land of shelves at your local Mac store, according to Bloomberg’s post. We also have yet to see if Apple Inc. will even follow through and produce them. It is however a pretty interesting proposition!

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