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TAI introduces NLP Cloud service

TAI introduces NLP Cloud service 

TAI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) Cloud service is engineered to provide better support for various types of data and data-processing platforms. The software also includes the TAIParse English analyzer, which can be optimized to work with specific applications or programs.

“TAI is unique in that it has a programming language for processing natural language much like PHP, Java, or HTML,” David de Hilster, COO and co-architect of VisualText said in a press release. “Today, the business world realizes that black boxes and statistical methods can only go so far. Text processors are like websites: you can start with a template, but eventually you have to customize it to the needs of your company. TAI’s cloud offers that. TAI’s NLP++ language allows mixing all levels of linguistic analysis from OCR typos to sentence structure, to story-level analysis, all in one package, each level communicating with any other level.”

NLP Cloud also runs alongside the VisualText platform, NLP++ programming language, and the Conceptual Grammar knowledge base management system. TAI also launched a website to provide users, programmers and linguists with additional support for these elements.

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