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Syncsort releases MFX ZPCopy

Syncsort releases MFX ZPCopy 

“With increasing copy demand fueled by consistently growing data volumes and rapidly developing Big Data analytics initiatives, customers are looking for ways to optimize mainframe processing to save money and meet SLAs, and many of them have invested in zIIP technology to help,” said Harvey Tessler, founder, Syncsort.  “MFX ZPCopy provides a completely new architecture for MFX COPY processing, specifically designed to exploit zIIP engines on IBM System z platforms to meet these goals.”

The product will reduce software costs by cutting security CPU by up to 99 per cent and increase the speed of elapsed times by 25 per cent to meet performance service-level agreements. It will lower CPU usage for copy steps that run during the busiest four-hour window. More work will be offloaded to underutilized zIIP engines, thus boosting return on investment.

Additionally, MFX ZPCopy will negate the need for frequent hardware upgrades by saving CPU, and will process data faster and more cheaply. The product will support additional workloads without the need to resort to additional resources.

Syncsort will also offer companies a free ROI assessment, should they wish to find out how much MFX ZPCopy will save them.

The free assessment tracks the number of MFX COPY executions during a given period, identifies which resources are consumed by copy functions, identifies which steps consumes the most resources, and provides an estimate of monthly and yearly savings a company might expect using MFX ZPCopy.

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