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Symantec shares details of revamped partner program

Symantec shares details of revamped partner program 

“We’re sun-setting our old partner program and launching and transitioning to the new one in October,” said John Emard, senior director, North American Channel Programs and Operations, Symantec. “It’s designed to be customer-focused, performance-based and more rewarding.”

The company consulted with its partners to determine their pain points and found that its partner programs were too numerous and complex, that they weren’t incenting the right sort of behaviours, and that the company itself wasn’t investing dollars in an efficient way.

Symantec took a step back and started working on a new partner program, which has been in the works for the past year and a half. Since its journey began, the company’s mission has been “to achieve sustained, profitable growth greater than market for channel partners and Symantec, leveraging joint assets to deliver value to the customer.”

Where once the company had 20 programs, it now has one, and that single program is designed to reward partners that deliver the most value and exceptional customer service to Symantec.

Through the program, Symantec is looking to build stronger relationships with fewer partners. The program will be based on competency rather that products, and the company will be looking at 12 solution areas in which partners can become either a Principal or an Expert. At the Principal level, partners will need only commit $10,000 annually to its Symantec business, receive sales and technical training, and provide a customer reference.

In addition to all of that, however, partners at the Expert level must achieve advanced accreditation, meet a much larger revenue target, receive validation of its sales and technical training, and provide measured customer satisfaction levels.

Partners will then be grouped into one of four program levels, based on the number of Principal or Expect competencies they receive: Registered, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

The Registered level is reserved for partners that have not achieved any competencies.

At the Silver level, partners will have at least one Prinicpal competency, while at the Gold level, partners will have at least one Expert competency.

Platinum-level partners must have at least three Expert competencies.

The full transition will occur in October, but partners that are ready to start accumulating competencies can begin to do so now. Those who receive either Principal or Competency levels between now and October will accrue financial benefits.

“While we’re transitioning to the brand new program, we’re preserving investments partners have already made,” said Emard. “They will be grandfathered in to the new validation requirements. If a partner has achieved a high level of specialization in NetBackup, they’ll get credit from having already completed it.”

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