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Survey: Two-Thirds Of Canadian Consumers Repurchase Brands Who Treat Them Respectably

Survey: Two-Thirds Of Canadian Consumers Repurchase Brands Who Treat Them Respectably 

New research from a recent survey from OpenText has brought to light the extent to which the pandemic has changed customers’ expectations of brands, and the increasing importance of a streamlined digital experience post-COVID.

Understanding Canadian consumers preferences, and communicating with them through their favourite channels, while offering tailored deals has made four out of 10 (45 per cent) of Canadian consumers buy only from brands who live up to those expectations.

Customer Experience is Key

Many Canadian consumers—at least more than half—would be put off from repurchasing from a brand they received an unpleasant experience from. In fact, it is suggested that brands cannot rely on customer loyalty stretching far enough to recover from an unpleasant experience, as five out of 10 (56 per cent) of Canadian consumers do not believe there is a such thing as a “customer for life” anymore in 2021.

The key to providing a pleasant experience is to create a frictionless experience. Creating a way for an easy search when buying products online, has been shown to be significant, with three out of four (77 per cent) say it is especially important to them. Additionally, nearly half (47 per cent) prefer to shop with brands that will auto-fill and remember their details for next time. However, there is an importance placed on brands to store consumers data correctly, with more than half (60 per cent) who would be willing to pay more to do business with a brand that places more value on protecting their personal data.

“The COVID-19 crisis has been a dramatic catalyst for digital acceleration across all sectors, forcing businesses to change how they communicate with customers,” said Lou Blatt, Senior Vice President, and CMO at OpenText. “As a result, customer expectations have also shifted. They now expect more from brands – more communication channels, more personalization, and, above all, a more continuous and connected digital experience. The ability to deliver rich, ultra-personalized communications at scale, across all touchpoints and channels, is now mission-critical for acquiring, developing, and retaining customers.”

The significance of digital in a post-COVID world

Like many things, the pandemic has changed 53 per cent of Canadian consumers expectations of what a brand’s digital offering should be. It is important to give a top-notch experience when buying online; one fifth (23 per cent) will not use brands if their experience is not excellent.

As a result of the pandemic, nearly half (48 per cent) are more comfortable with digital only business. For more than four in 10 (46 per cent) of Canadian consumers, a personalized digital experience is now key to achieving returning consumers repeatedly.

Research has also indicated consumers perspectives towards organizations that have risen to the challenge of providing an ideal experience during the chaos of the last year. Four in 10 (40 per cent) say that bigger brands have been able to offer a more polished experience compared to the smaller brands during the pandemic.

 “Creating a positive customer experience is all about removing friction and increasing relevance: the easier something is to do and the more relevant it is to each customer, the better the experience,” said Guy Hellier. Vice President, Product Management at OpenText. “Today, customers expect their journey, from researching products to tracking orders, to transition seamlessly from one digital platform to another while retaining a consistent personalized feel – delivered across any device, at any time. For brands, this means investing in a digital experience platform that enables them to integrate data, information, and assets seamlessly across different environments. Without this in place, brands will struggle to create and deliver the cohesive and personalized experiences needed to win and retain customers.”

Globally, over 27,000 consumers were surveyed by 3Gem on behalf of OpenText. In Canada, 2,000 respondents were polled to uncover consumer perspectives around customer experience, the role of digital, and how the pandemic has impacted their expectations.

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