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Survey: The majority of Canadian small business owners are prepared to open business safely

Survey: The majority of Canadian small business owners are prepared to open business safely 

A recent survey by GoDaddy, the internet company that powers most of small business websites in Canada, reveals that 73 per cent of Canadian small business owners are feeling prepared to do necessary changes needed once they can reopen shop. Smaller businesses with one to four employees and those in Quebec  (63 per cent) are more likely very optimistic in reopening their business in compliance with safety procedures. Only nine per cent of those surveyed said that they are unprepared to go back to business.

Even while the government has strictly implemented social distancing, Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs have been working hard to continue with their operations. The top adaptation means used by business owners was improving online assets, according to the survey. The shift to e-commerce will be staying for a long time, with 37 per cent saying that they have plans to continue selling online even after the pandemic. Before the closing down of stores, half of small business owners already had online presence and almost the same number were already running their own website. 25 per cent of entrepreneurs have started building their website or social media account.

Part of the challenges that still needs to be overcome is understanding changes in consumer behaviour (43 per cent), maintaining hygiene safety standards (27 per cent), challenges in supply chain (26 per cent), remote work (25 per cent), employee salaries (24 per cent), and paying rent (23 per cent). However, entrepreneurs still remain hopeful as they take necessary steps to complying with business changes.

Another important finding of the survey is that almost half of small businesses are offering free resources and putting up programs to help their customers and employees who are in need. Eighty eight per cent of small businesses said that they want to continue to shop locally even after the economy goes well, while 69 per cent said that online shopping will be the best way for Canadians to support local shops currently. To help small businesses, GoDaddy is also offering free tools and helping in highlighting entrepreneurs to support local.

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