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Survey: Businesses bullish about ERP adoption

Survey: Businesses bullish about ERP adoption 

The survey found that 80 per cent of respondents believed that ERP is crucial to their business, while about 50 per cent considered the current performance of their ERP systems as either “adequate” or “basic.”

Additionally, other respondents expressed dissatisfaction with current ERP structures, as deficiencies were creating organizational issues within the workplace.

“We are concerned to see that so many are underwhelmed by the performance of their current ERP system,” John Hiraoka, EVP and chief marketing officer for Epicor said in a press release. “As ERP is a vital strategic platform to help companies adapt and respond to changing business demands, organizations need greater performance from their ERP systems, or risk getting outflanked by competitors.”

Further results showed that nearly 30 per cent of ERP users agreed that the primary outcome of ERP technology should be to focus on performance, scalability and ease of deployment while bolstering business agility and expansion.

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