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SURVEY: 89 per cent of Canadian businesses need more scalable IT to survive COVID-19
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SURVEY: 89 per cent of Canadian businesses need more scalable IT to survive COVID-19 

Even before the ‘new normal’, digital transformation has been lagging behind in Canada compared to other parts of the world. A new Canadian research done by Vanson Bourned and Dell Technologies surveyed Director to C Suite from mid-size to enterprise organizations and below are the results:

  • 89 per cent of businesses recognize that there is a need for a more agile IT infrastructure for business continuity.
  • 71 per cent of businesses in the country are already investing in on-demand digital services, but only 40 per cent have fully completes the latest round of investment.
  • Only 34 per cent were able to say that having the right technologies to continue the business allowed them to experience business growth in 2020.

With this on-going pandemic, Canadian businesses continue to push for digital transformation efforts and achieving all these in a few short months. More than three quarters of these organizations have fast-tracked some digital transformation programs this year. Part of the data gathered from the research are accelerating challenges, which are:

  • 28 per cent of respondents said that they are afraid that their business won’t exist in a couple of years.
  • 61 per cent said that they believe they will survive the COVID-19 pandemic but will have to undergo retrenchment and said it might take years to return to profitability.
  • 48 per cent said they are worried about employee burnout.
  • 49 per cent said they feel they did not transition fast enough.
  • 96 per cent said they are still facing a lot of barriers to digital transformation, including their lack of resources (44 per cent), data security challenges (37 per cent), and inability to gather valuable business insights due to information overload (29 per cent).

With this digital transformation, the researchers saw a steady but measurable progress for Canadian businesses in 2020 as these organizations classify themselves as the following:

  • 4 per cent as Digital Leaders as compared to 2018 with 6 per cent.
  • 36 per cent increase as Digital Adopters versus 29 per cent in 2018.
  • Digital Evaluators at 41 per cent as compared to 22 per cent in 2018.
  • 16 per cent as Digital Followers, which decreased from 34 per cent in 2018.
  • A decrease of 5 per cent as Digital Laggards from 9 per cent in 2018 to 4 per cent.

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