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Surface Pro 3 battery woes fixed with software patch

Surface Pro 3 battery woes fixed with software patch 

Around May this year, Microsoft began receiving complaints from customers that the tablet’s battery appeared to be having difficulties in holding power. Some users reported that their Surface Pro 3 worked for only one to two hours on a fully charged battery.

The Surface Pro 3 is the third-generation Surface 2-in-1 detachable device which runs the Windows 10 Pro operating system.

One user who has been using the Surface Pro 3 for a year said the problem surfaced after the warranty on the machine expired: “Talk with Microsoft via chat support and they insist this was a software problem and reinstalled the driver and asked me to wait few days to see if things improve. Not only it didn’t improve, but now my Surface can only last 30 minutes.”


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“Based on our investigations we can confirm that it is not an issue with the battery cells, and we believe this is something that can be addressed via software,” a Microsoft support engineer wrote on the company blog earlier this week.

He said that Microsoft was working out the details on how to release the patch.

A change long page for the Surface Pro 3 contains several firmware updates but so far none of them appear to be meant for the battery drain issue.

The Surface Pro 3 was announced on May 20, 2014. It comes in models with the Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i7.On October 6, 2015, Microsoft released its successor, the Surface Pro 4 which has a bigger screen with a higher resolution and reduced bezels, faster CPU options, a thinner body, and an improved cooling system.

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