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Sunnybrook gets protected

Sunnybrook gets protected 

To provide this protection, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has equipped the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre with a new DNS solution.

By implementing the CIRA D-Zone Anycast, Sunnybrook will benefit from secure patient communications and the increased performance of web applications and services. All the while, the solution works to keep data inside Canadian borders.

“Healthcare CIOs are working tirelessly to keep a step ahead of security threats,” said Dave Chiswell, VP of product development at CIRA.

Unfortunately, their efforts are often misguided. CIRA’s analysis of 300 Canadian hospitals and healthcare institutions revealed that 91 per cent are not taking the necessary steps to protect their DNS from outages.

 “Upgrading their DNS with a Canada-first solution gives Sunnybrook a leg-up in preventing offshore DDoS attacks, while increasing performance for users within Canada,” said Chiswell, calling the deal a “win/win”.

Oliver Tsai, Sunnybrook’s Director of Information Technology, is equally pleased.

“In an era of ever-increasing threats to the confidentiality and integrity of Internet transactions, Sunnybrook is pleased to partner with CIRA, a Canadian organization, to safeguard the cybersecurity of our patients’ health information,” he said. “CIRA’s D-Zone service will ensure that patients and their healthcare providers can always rely on the availability of secure access to the Sunnybrook health record.”

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