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SunGard set to open data centre in Markham

SunGard set to open data centre in Markham 

Joe Sullivan, VP and product manager, SunGard, noted that the company has seen significant demand in the GTA for its data centre services. “It’s outstripping the supply in our current data centres,” he said. As a result, Sungard began looking for locations to expand in the GTA. Markham was a natural choice, because it is situated far enough outside of the downtown core, but not too far away for latency and recovery purposes.

SunGard and Digital Realty Plus identified an existing manufacturing facility that met the software and technology services company’s needs. The building gave SunGard access to telecom fiber, and it had what Sullivan called “good structural bones” and the necessary weight-bearing capacity. “We’ve committed to 20,000 square feet and 2.5 megawatts of power,” he noted. “It covers demand for a couple of years. We have expansion capabilities for up to five times that size.”

As SunGard expands its capacity at the Markham facility, company officials expect to offer customers the latest advances in technology. “As we build out, we can take advantage of new technologies,” said Chris Toushan, country manager for Canada, SunGard. Such advances will most likely be more environmentally friendly. Toushan cited the example of cooling technologies, which might leverage Canada’s cool climate.

Toushan and Sullivan expect the Markham data centre to be open sometime in the late second quarter or early third quarter of 2013. “We’re extremely excited about getting started in Markham,” Sullivan commented. Toushan added that one of the things SunGard is most looking forward to is the ability to provide what he referred to as “a geographically resilient solution.” Moreover, the newest data centre in the GTA will provide both production and recovery capabilities to SunGard’s customers.

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