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Study uncovers reasons behind worker-boss mobility barrier

Study uncovers reasons behind worker-boss mobility barrier 

This was viewed by mobile service providers as an opportunity to address end users’ security concerns, according to the results of Ovum’s Employee Mobility Survey.

The study found that while over 84 per cent of employees viewed privacy as a top concern, they did not trust their employers’ ability to manage their mobile privacy.

“It’s clear that BYOD is not a newly discussed phenomenon, but our research over the last three years indicates that as a behavioral trend it is actually increasing and having an impact in every organisation”, Richard Absalom, senior analyst of enterprise mobility for Ovum, said in a press release. “Businesses everywhere need to find ways of balancing corporate security demands with employees’ privacy concerns when using personal devices for work.”

Of the over 5,000 employees in 19 countries who responded to the survey, 30 per cent preferred their employer to manage their corporate mobility service, while 42 per cent were happy to trust their mobile operator if their device at work was managed by their operator.

Additionally, 67.2 per cent of respondents noted that malicious websites was the main reason why their employers did not allow them to use their own devices at work, while 57.2 per cent noted the reason was malicious apps. Other factors inhibiting the adoption of corporate mobility services included bill amounts and mobile data usage.

“Trust is the magic word when it comes to empowering employees to use their own devices in the workplace,” said Ciaran Bradley CPO of AdaptiveMobile, in a press release. “The mobile device is such an inherently personal part of our lives that people want to know that their details are safe. Where the IT department may be stigmatized in the eyes of employees, they see the mobile operator as the trusted service provider. The opportunity for businesses therefore is to benefit from the reflected trust by deploying a managed mobile security solution and so instill the confidence in the service that their employees demand.”

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