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Streaming site for sleep deprived

Streaming site for sleep deprived 

Napflix, which went online last fall, is banking on a formula of monotony and repetition to get viewers to snooze by hitting the play button. “Taking siesta to the next level,” appears to be the motto of this Spanish Web site.

The site’s lineup of snore-inducing clips includes titles such as Swiss Chalet Rotisserie, Community Association Meeting, and World Chess Final 2013.

If you’re finding it hard to sleep, be assured that Napflix knows your pain.

“We all know the feeling of insomnia. Your body wants to sleep but your mind is still awake and active. So how can we steady up our mind? Napflix is a video platform where you can find the most silent and sleepy content selection to relax your brain and easily fall asleep,” according to the site.

Napflix is out to turn entertainment on its head, just to get you to catch some Z’s.

“The idea is to make entertainment boring,” said Victor Guitierrez Tena, one of the co-founders of the site, in an interview with AFP. “It could be the kind of things that remind us of our childhood, lick post-lunch classes, TV serials we watched after meals which just went on and on, ones where you wouldn’t lose the plot if you fell asleep.”

Are you still with me?

Okay, then how about grabbing a look at some of these Napflix oldies but goldies.

320 Napflix Matthew McConaughey

320 Napflix oscillating fan

320 Napflix walking pig

320 Napflix clouds clouds clouds


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