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Staying in the Loop

Staying in the Loop 

Much like its successful predecessor, the Loop 2 is an activity tracker that measures daily activity, heartrate and energy expenditures.

Worn around the wrist, the device uses individualized algorithms based on the subject’s age, height and weight. Finely tuned motion sensors measure steps and distance while dividing activity into five intensity levels. 

When developing the bracelet, Polar decided not to mess up a good thing.

“We held on to the well-liked features such as design, waterproofness and support for heart rate-based training,” said Tarja Määttä, Segment Manager at Polar. “We carefully listened to our customers, and many of the improvements are based on this feedback.”

These improvements include an inactivity alert that vibrates when users have been sitting for too long.

In order to maximize value, Polar has made the wristband highly compatible.  Daily logs and reports can be uploaded to third party connectivities like MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit, while the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor provides live updates. Additionally, the Loop displays incoming calls, messages and alerts.

The Loop 2 is currently available in North American retail stores. Global availability is slated for November 2015.

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