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Startups want your support – and your personal data

Startups want your support – and your personal data 

The Globe and Mail reports that unbeknownst to their clients and customers, startups are collecting and analyzing their personal data.

It’s all part of a large-scale experiment that will help these companies turn big profits from determining why people do what they do.

Data collection is often a touchy subject, a primary reason why Facebook’s decision to separate its instant messaging platform and re-launch it as a separate app has caused so much controversy. The new Messenger app’s terms of service have caused an uproar amongst users because of its data collection policies, several of which infringe on their privacy.

There are currently no guidelines in place on how app developers and technology firms can collect data from their users. However, many executives are defending data collection, stating that proper practices could be put into place within the next five years, which would legitimize this process.

Although legitimacy could ease the worries of some, others maintain that there should be limitations imposed on how much personal data companies can collect from their users-turned-guinea pigs.

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