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SSC tech problems hinder RCMP operations: internal report

SSC tech problems hinder RCMP operations: internal report 

The documents, obtained by the CBC, also included letters indicating that RCMP Commissioner Bob Polson had met with Liseanne Forand, SSC president in Sept. 2015. Where the commissioner brought attention to several occasion when failures by the SSC impacted police operations.

These included:

·        While a lone terrorist broke into Parliament Hill on Oct. 22, 2014, the SSC increased bandwidth to receive evidence gathered by the public by shutting down the Disaster Recovery site. The SSC did this without consulting the RCMP or understanding the risks involved

·        Back in Jan. 2015, the RCMP had alerted the SSC that Mission B.C.’s phone system was in need of replacement. Public safety was at risk because the phone service is unstable and affecting 911 calls and dispatches. There has been no progress from SSC to date

·        As far back as Nov. 2012, the SCC had been advised that equipment at the Dorchester, Que. datacentre  had gone beyond their end-of -life. SSC did not replace the equipment. On Sept. 18, 2014, a server in the facility failed

·        The RCMP also informed the SSC about its concerns over security protection of networks and servers

The documents also indicated that the SSC was in arrears of its bills from Northwestel, the Internet and phone service provider for the RCMP in the Northern B.C.

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