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Spirent: Virtual Ethernet probe to enhance efficiency

Spirent: Virtual Ethernet probe to enhance efficiency 

This announcement addresses the dominant role of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) in cable networks due to the drastic rise in subscribers’ app needs.

In conjunction with the Spirent TestCenter Live platform, TLVP allows operators to extend performance management to all points of their network and respond to the rapidly changing demands of the new virtual environments, as well as today’s fast-paced network operations conditions.

Service providers can “view” next generation networks enabling users to isolate faults fast.

“As the industry’s first, the new Spirent TestCenter Live Virtual Probe enables our mission of providing complete visibility into the entire network – virtualized or not,” said Pilar Somohano, GM, service assurance at Spirent Communications, in a press release. “It integrates performance monitoring with diagnostic services so companies can proactively improve customer experience for traditional and new services.”

TLVP supplements the Spirent TestCenter Live suite, delivering hardware-based and virtual probes for proactive network management and validate the performance of premium services.

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