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Spectrum of connectivity

Spectrum of connectivity 

The telecommunications firm announced that it has acquired the rights for specific AWS-3 wireless spectrum within several of their major urban and rural markets. The move was a direct result of a recent spectrum action auction held by Industry Canada.

“Advancements in mobile services drive Canadian innovation and productivity, and Bell brings the world’s best broadband wireless technologies to consumers and business users alike in both our biggest cities and smallest communities,” Bell Mobility president Wade Oosterman said in a press release.

“These efficient new airwaves ensure Bell has the network capacity to deliver the infinite range of new mobile video, banking, social media, gaming and other consumer and business apps with unparalleled on-the-go data speeds,” Oosterman added.

Bell presently offers its 4G LTE service coverage to its residential and commercial customers, and has invested over $7 billion into the development and further enhancement of advanced wireless networks across the country. The company’s 4G LTE coverage currently spans 86 per cent of Canada, and future expansion will see it increase to 98 per cent.

Although larger markets remain one of their primary focuses, Bell plans to offer better wireless connectivity within smaller towns, remote areas and rural locales, going forward. This year, Bell will make its 4G LTE service available in several new sub-markets in Nunavut, Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces.

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