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Spanning’s data protection capabilities extended to apps

Spanning’s data protection capabilities extended to apps 

Spanning introduced Spanning Backup for Salesforce in 2013. Since then, the company has engineered automated daily data backup solutions for businesses. Spanning’s offerings provide backup for Salesforce-generated data, in addition to metadata and integrations with other SaaS-reliant applications.

“Since we first started talking about the importance of in-app, automated daily backup last year, the response has been tremendous,” Jeff Erramouspe, CEO of Spanning said in a press release. “We’ve added more than 100 Salesforce customers, protected more than 300 million Salesforce objects and more than 1.5 million attachments, backed up more than 10,000 different object types created on and partnered with the most respected Salesforce consulting firms around the world. Every warning about data loss threats – whether at the hands of cyber attacks or simply user or sync errors – shows that companies need to do more to protect Salesforce data, and we remain as committed as ever to educating users on the how and why.”

Users of Spanning’s backup solutions have created a variety of data-driven apps using, including assessment of field equipment, patient registration, and customized insurance quoting. Spanning enables app developers to routinely backup their data, thus preventing against loss or theft. 

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