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Spam reporting gets automated

Spam reporting gets automated 

Montreal-based ZEROSPAM Security is joining forces with the CRTC’s Spam Reporting Centre to launch two new tools designed to expedite and automate spam reporting and the transmission of offending messages to the proper authorities.

“For us, the fight against spam and other email-borne threats is a very real battle that our teams engage in daily with tenacity and dedication,” David Poellhuber, president and CEO of ZEROSPAM Security said in a press release. “If we can support the CRTC in its efforts and contribute to stopping certain spammers from doing their dirty work, we will be greatly satisfied.”

Known as Cumulus, the new reporting platform sifts through all received messages, placing those identified as ‘spam’ or ‘potentially harmful’ into a quarantined folder. Cumulus, which was designed in accordance with CASL, Canada’s new anti-spam regulation, also includes a ‘Report to CRTC’ button that enables users to select quarantined messages and transfer them to the CRTC for further review.

For Microsoft Outlook users, Cumulus provides a plug-in function that installs a reporting button in Outlook. Once pressed, the button sends any reported messages directly to ZEROSPAM for further analysis.

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