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SolarWinds purchases Pingdom

SolarWinds purchases Pingdom 

Cloud technologies and architectures have led to challenges in the development and management of the availability of business critical application environments. Unlike legacy technologies, these applications and platforms are interdependent and complex. Those websites, mobile apps and SaaS-based applications will perform within 3-5 seconds. If an app is slow, the user experience quickly becomes unpleasant, which halts the business’ productivity and can lead to loss of revenue.

“As the mantra for web and applications operations teams moves from ensuring the basic availability of IT infrastructure to delivering performance management for critical application capabilities to end-users, the need for comprehensive performance management products increases,” said Kevin Thompson, CEO and President, SolarWinds, in a press release. “Based on the feedback we have received from more than 150,000 customers, we know that web applications are becoming ubiquitous and increasingly critical to their businesses. We, as a key partner in solving performance issues, need to move with them through this transition.”

“We share SolarWinds’ vision of the evolution and development of the Web, web application and mobile application environments in support of business-critical processes,” said Sam Nurmi, CEO, Pingdom. “Comprehensive web app monitoring enables those responsible for web environments to sort through and analyze the vast amount of data created by websites, mobile and web applications, and the technology and infrastructure on which they depend. Access to the right information, delivered in real time, is the difference between reacting to business and driving the business.”

IT organizations will continue to manage existing infrastructure as they implement new technologies. They will need the same, affordable management products to get a whole view of business-critical applications. The individuals responsible for managing these environments must maintain performance and availability. Pingdom creates tools and services for website and web application owners, regardless of their global location or size. Pingdom has 500,000 users worldwide, including major companies. SolarWinds and Pingdom together enable web and application operations teams by identifying and addressing problems before they reach the end-user.

Thompson summarized, “Our approach to solving performance management for on-premise IT will extend to how we approach web application management and, eventually, Cloud management. We will continue to give users the ability to solve a specific management problem or use a combination of integrated products to get a top to bottom view of the application environment and the supporting infrastructure, regardless of where it lives. Based on Pingdom’s transactional business model and commitment to product usability, we believe that it is the right partner for SolarWinds as we extend our leadership in solving these emerging performance management issues.”

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