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SolarWinds adds secure file sharing to Serv-U MFT Server

SolarWinds adds secure file sharing to Serv-U MFT Server 

The Serv-U (MFT) Server is hosted on Windows and Linux machines. It supports downloads using FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS over IPv4 or IPv6 networks. Administrators control access to files, monitor activity, automate notifications, and configure from any location through a secure Web management console. Users can also set passwords, expiration dates or add messages to their uploaded files. When they send a file, the server notifies the recipient with an email containing a link that he or she can access on a secure website. SolarWinds’ MFT also lets users share links to their files on social media, through instant messaging or email.

Active Directory integration means that administrators can authenticate or provision an entire company or of specific departments, and they can apply their own security policies, procedures, monitors, and controls to abide by company security standards.

Other features of SolarWinds’ MFT server include the ability to upload, download and view files using any Web browser and most mobile devices; the automation of transfers from any platform using existing FTP/S or SFTP (SSH) clients; the capability of securing partner data exchanges with FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography and DMZ gateways; the capacity to send email or run scripts when files arrive, lockouts occur, or other events take place; and the power to control and monitor bandwidth, access, quotas, and dozens of other attributes. 

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