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Software-defined: the future of the data centre

Software-defined: the future of the data centre 

“Our software-defined data centre strategy…seeks to abstract and virtualize the entire data centre,” said Gales. “We demonstrated those capabilities [at VMworld] with a set of products that are all available now, under the umbrella of something we call the vCloud Suite. The vCloud Suite is a whole series of components that allow you to build a software-defined data centre and gain those efficiencies and that agility that you have previously seen with compute virtualization across the whole data centre.”

Other announcements that were made at VMworld include the company’s end user computer strategy, which allows users to securely access their data from any device; the VMware Cloud Hybrid Service, which lets users seamlessly move data between the public cloud and their own data centres; and NSX, a network virtualization product that provides flexibility in environment configuration, makes it easier to connect servers together, and allows for more efficient use of bandwidth.

Together, Gales said, these products enable customers to provide IT as a Service.

“The core of IT as a Service really is virtualization and abstraction, abstracting away from physical hardware so that services can be rendered to consumers in a more self-service way,” Gales remarked. “The software-defined data centre enables you to abstract away those capabilities and deliver them as IT as a Service. The end user computer strategy allows you to abstract away from the physical devices, and the VMware Cloud Hybrid Service allows you to extend your capabilities to use assets which are outside your firewall.”

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