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Software-defined networking market to reach $8 billion by 2018, says IDC

Software-defined networking market to reach $8 billion by 2018, says IDC 

As more businesses introduce cloud-based systems and software-defined networking into their workplaces, IDC forecasts that the SDN market may jump to $8 billion by 2018. This represents an 89.4 per cent increase over the 2014 value of $960 million.

“SDN is taking center stage among innovative approaches to some of the networking challenges brought about by the rise of the 3rd Platform, particularly virtualization and cloud computing,” Rohit Mehra, V.P., Network Infrastructure at IDC said in a press release. “With SDN’s growing traction in the datacenter for cloud deployments, enterprise IT is beginning to see the value in potentially extending SDN to the WAN and into the campus to meet the demand for more agile approaches to network architecture, provisioning, and operations.”

SDN offers many new functions specifically designed for enterprise use. They include web scaling for hosting, private or hybrid cloud distribution, customization and programmability, and securer connections.

Despite many businesses still being in the experimentation phase with cloud systems and SDN in order to explore their benefits and functionality, IDC believes that the enterprise market will be a significant factor in the future success of SDN.

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