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SoftLayer, Cloudera team up to bring Hadoop to the cloud

SoftLayer, Cloudera team up to bring Hadoop to the cloud 

These new big data solutions are built on bare metal servers, which provide higher performance over virtual cloud servers. Created by SoftLayer, the new bare metal cloud servers can be deployed on demand, are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis and have full remote access and control. The servers give businesses the computing power required to run Cloudera and Hadoop with the flexibility and convenience of cloud infrastructure.

“Running big data applications on bare metal servers gives users both the raw performance and consistency they need to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time,” says Marc Jones, VP of product innovation for SoftLayer. “The ability to provision a large scale Hadoop cluster in just a few hours sets this offering apart with speed and agility. We’re pushing the envelope of what’s possible on the cloud by giving enterprises the power and flexibility they need to tackle the toughest workloads.”

The SoftLayer-Cloudera solution lets businesses design and deploy Cloudera applications in real-time, using SoftLayer’s solution designer tool. In addition, it offers superior scalability of global cloud infrastructures, with a range of dedicated servers and options to tailor memory and storage.

“Cloudera customers are looking for the paramount solution for managing vast amounts of varied data. With automated deployment of robust bare metal infrastructure to support the program, Cloudera’s joint solution with SoftLayer will push big data solutions into an even higher level of performance and reliability,” said Tim Stevens, VP of Business Development at Cloudera.

The SoftLayer solutions with Cloudera are immediately available, and include an Intel Xeon 5620-based server with 24GB of RAM and two 500GB SATA storage drives.

SoftLayer is part of the recently announced Cloudera Connect: Cloud, an expanded Cloudera Connect Partner Program that supports the deployment of Hadoop in public cloud environments.

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